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hinge dating australia

Hinge App may only be 9 years old, but the millionaire dating app is more relevant now than ever. HingeAustralia.com grew faster than any other dating app this year. Online dating services have benefited significantly from the coronavirus pandemic. The dating app is projected to continue growing through to 2024. Users love it because it has fewer fake profiles than other dating apps and works to build engagement while providing better quality matches.

Why Hinge Australia is Doing so Well

WhistleOut magazine listed Hinge as one of the leading dating apps in Australia. More than 100,000 of its 5 million users live in Australia, according to Dating Scout. The more users you have living near you, the higher your chances of finding a match on Hinge. It is also the fastest growing app in Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada. This means that Hinge App’s user base is bound to grow even bigger.

More Australians are turning to online dating apps than ever before. And they have a preference for Hinge Australia. Hinge users are now exchanging 30% more messages than before. You can attribute this growth to the growing popularity of online dating in Australia. 30% of Australians have confessed to meeting their partners online.

Millionaire Dating Site and App

Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic Party presidential candidate, caused a stir when he confessed to snagging his partner on Hinge. Buttigieg is one of many high to medium-income earners who have found success in love on Hinge App. Hinge provides an upscale dating service much like Luxy. 99% of people who date on Hinge went to college. The majority of users are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s while others are older. Like a millionaire dating app, Hinge Australia has a high concentration of professionals and very few spammers.

Hinge Australia Brings Depth to Online Dating

Many mobile apps nurture users’ addiction to validation from getting likes and scanning many profiles.

Here is how Hinge is working to change that:

  • • Hinge works actively to pace user’s activity. By limiting users to a maximum of 10 matches a day, the app paces users.
  • • Hinge also tries to design your profile in a way that showcases your personality, not just your photo. This helps people to find better matches.
  • • Hinge even tries to minimize ghosting by reminding people to continue conversations that dropped off. it helps to know more about your date.
  • • People who like you have to engage with specific things, like one of your answers or a picture. You can then reply to their comment, click match, or remove it. The app even sends you a reminder when you are supposed to reply to a comment.
  • • Most dating apps have more men than women on board. Hinge is one of the few that have a fairly balanced ratio of men to women.
  • • If you sign up with your Facebook, it pairs you up with people based on your Facebook networks. This adds a layer of accountability because of shared connections. Particularly if you live in a big city.


These features help millionaire dating app Hinge to attract users who are already done with the Hook-up culture that Tinder is notorious for. These online daters are looking for more meaningful connections. And many of them are finding just that. Perhaps the best thing about Hinge Australia is that most of the users are not looking for hook-ups. You find more people who want real relationships. Hinge delivers quality matches.

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